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A sustainable fundraising platform.
The Grail Cooperatives.

Why not raise money, and have fun while doing it?

Our goal is to make it easy for local groups to raise money through product fundraising. If the Girl Scouts can do it, so can your organization! Our method starts with cooperation- by building a network of charities, nonprofits, foundations, and community groups all working with one another for the betterment of their cause and their communities.

The Grail Cooperatives is a non-profit that exists solely to help these groups and causes in Northeast Ohio raise money and awareness. By cooperating with each other, members of the Grail Cooperatives can more effectively maximize their fundraising and positive community impact.

Fundraising can be an uphill battle for anyone. Let’s cooperate and make the communities around us a better place.

chasing grail

Tune in to WNIR 100 FM on Sundays at noon for Chasing Grail, featuring former WBA Middleweight World Champion Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini and Attorney Randy Nye. Topics will include community impact, charitable causes, fundraising for said causes, and how all these things can be accomplished with The Grail Cooperatives platform.

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Raising funds through product fundraising is a great way to benefit your organization. Participating in events to promote those products is even better. The Grail Cooperatives will hold regular community events allowing members to showcase and sell their products, and ultimately raise funds for their organizations.